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Oubinov's studio


Oubinov’s work practices

We are all about being transparent for you! Trying to battle the fixed and unethical ways of the current fashion industry, we pride ourselves on offering our team a fantastic experience at work. This includes our studio being above-and-beyond with everything needed to make their working day comfortable and enjoyable, much higher than average earnings for the industry, and practicing a culture of understanding and human decency because…funnily enough, we are all human and things just happen sometimes.

The fashion industry is exceptionally fast-paced and stressful, and this goes from the initial idea of a garment right down to its tangible existence. This does not make for ideal working conditions for most involved. However, we believe this does not have to be way of the industry and we strive, and succeed in making our studio a very relaxed, stress-free place where we cultivate craftsmanship and creativity. Oubinov’s ultimate success is that the studio is a place where people who work in fashion (especially the “unglamorous” sector of producing it) come to work with pleasure, and not dread. For you, our client, this means that each garment is made with heart, enjoyment, and happiness – and that makes each piece special and unique.



The brand’s goal is to expand consumers’ knowledge of how things work and how things are made in fashion (read our blog!). We want you, our customer, to become more conscious and aware of where your clothes come from, how and why they are made. Therefore, from collection to collection, more and more of our fabric choices are recycled, dyed in environmentally friendly ways, and mainly why we do not produce large quantities. We usually make between 5-10 of each garment and that is it. It greatly reduces our waste levels and that is a win in our book! The brand will continue to minimise even further our negative impact on the environment. Our clothes are made to last, to fit into your existing wardrobe and to make you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them.


Brand aesthetic

Our collections are here to empower you. We want to be the armour that you wear to make a first impression when it matters most-and when it does not matter at all. We make beautiful clothes to help make you feel even more beautiful and confident. The silhouettes are strong, the tailoring is sharp and the attention to detail is superb. Bold shoulders with well-fitting bodies for our jackets, trousers and dresses emphasising your femininity – we have it. We strive to produce outfits that ultimately do celebrate your feminine side, but in not so cliché ways. Alongside this, we feel that high quality garments are for everyone, therefore, for most of our pieces, we offer a very wide variety of sizes – an XXS or an XXL, your lovely body needs to be dressed well! We are extremely proud of the work we put in making sure each design is made to suit a variety of body shapes.

We revere and applaud women, and in our opinion, every woman deserves to feel self-assured and upbeat in her clothes – at work, at a fancy event, or at a casual dinner, and we will persevere in achieving this with every single garment that leaves our studio.   We must wear clothes, so why not make the experience a super positive one?