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Sabrina was 4 when she started drawing boxes with antennae and calling them dresses. By 6, she knew she wanted to “draw clothes” as her career, and not much has changed since then – except it turns out there is a lot more work involved.

In 2015, during her last year of university, Sabrina was preparing to set up her own brand, and before graduation had already opened her studio.

After work experiences that let her really dive into the current fashion industry, she was spurred by the desire to change consumers’ approach to fashion and its impact on the environment and the endless ethical issues within fashion production, and created her own production facility in Bulgaria, where she was born, where she could take a fresh, quality-first approach and control the process from start to finish.

This has allowed her to design and grow a unique slow-fashion system that values all the people involved, minimise waste and produces garments that are meant to be around for years, and form a relationship with the wearer that makes them valuable and treasured.
From there, it has been a rollercoaster journey, filled with gathering experience, innovating, and perfecting her approach to creating fashion for real women. Her purpose remains to create clothes that are approachable, adaptable but with a flair. Timeless but edgy.